About Us

Densium is a company formed by a group of people from Norway.
We're mainly focused at SFFPC, but we're also making high quality desk accessories for your workspace too.

Our Capabilities

Densium has managed to create a powerful network of manufacturers, engineers and experts from multiple industries - allowing us to develop top grade products in a very short amount of time.

Our Goals and Priorities

Firstly, our priority is to make products which are perfectly balanced between Aesthetics, performance and durability. Our target customer is mainly enthusiast SFFPC builder with an eye for design, but also newcomers who wish to have the most straight forward, relaxing SFFPC journey.  

It seems a lot of SFFPC builders around the world are forced to put up with expensive and lenghty shipping to fulfill their SFFPC dreams. Densium keeps this to a minimum.

Community is also important to Densium. Our vision is to be a highly regarded company who cares for their customers and contributes to the community. We also pledge to be an easy-to-know and inviting company for anyone who wish to enter the SFFPC club for the first time.

We're also paying a great deal of attention to growth and expandability. To fulfill our vision, we need to pave the road ahead to facilitate the growth of our company. That's why we're constantly working behind the scenes, to seamlessly scale our company, while you enjoy our products.